Hello, I am James Adam.

About me

I try to solve problems using simple solutions, often with software.

I work as part of Good Enough, a digital product development and prototyping studio.

I write and blog at interblah.net.



Conferences & Presentations

I co-organise Ruby Manor, and also help run LRUG.

I’ve also spoken at a few Ruby and Rails conferences:


I am from Scotland, lived and worked London for eight years, then moved to Austin, Texas for a little bit, and am now back in London.

I’ve been using Ruby since 2002, which is a relatively long time. I love using Ruby but I try and keep my eyes open for whatever else might come along in the future.

I am very interested in exploring the emergent behaviour of simple systems. My PhD thesis explored this within the context of simulated multi-agent systems, but projects like Good Enough, Go Free Range and Ruby Manor can also be interpreted as explorations of the simplest systems that may yield valuable behaviour and structure.